Friday, 5 July 2013

Snack Time - Burts Chips Review

Snack time is very important for a writer, it's a break from the computer, or the chance to chill out with a treat and a DVD, so I thought I'd bring snack time to the blog, and try out some new things.

I think crisps would be one of my top snacks, so I couldn't say no when I was asked to try Burts Crisps. I was sent two 40g packets to try, one was wave cut Jalapeno and Red Pepper, and the other Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar. What struck me right away with these crisps was the branding and packaging, not something I would normally pay attention to with a packet of crisps, beyond reading the nutritional information! But Burts Crisps have done a great job here, I like the inclusion of not just the ingredients, but the origins of the potatoes as well, so you can trace where they were cooked. These are British products, made in Britain, and that warmed me to the brand before I'd even tasted anything! But on to the taste test, and my verdict on the two flavours!

  • Jalapeno and Red Pepper: One thing I noticed in the ingredients, is they like to use natural flavours, and spicing as much as possible, and it shows in the crisps, which would definitely make them stand out in a taste test, as sometimes man-made flavouring can produce a lot of similar results in crisps. I was expecting these crisps to be overpowering spice wise, but they have a nice kick that doesn't linger too long.
  • Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar - With the natural malted vinegar flavouring, tasting these crisps instantly reminded me of the seaside or a fish and chip shop. A little bit greasy, but one thing I liked was that the vinegar and salt were subtle, and I've tasted big brand crisps that go over the top on both, and are quite hard to eat. These were enjoyable though, and no one else could get a look-in because I finished the packet pretty swiftly. The type of vinegar may take a little getting using to, but the balance of flavours is great. I was quite impressed with Burts Crisps, and although I'd like to see a bit less saturated fat, I think the products are well made, and well branded. The majority of the flavours in their range are available in farm shops, deli's, pubs, and bars across the UK, and I think the targeting is spot on, as this is the sort of treat I'd buy on a night out.
Burts Chips retail at 69p (40g) and £1.89 RRP (150g), with flavours also including Pesto, Mature Cheddar, and Sweet Chilli. You can also find special Guinness Burts Chips in Tesco's, Selfridges, Waitrose, and Morrison's.


  1. The jalapeno ones sound right up my street!

    I love the design as well, for a minute I thought they were your hands and you were weirdly hiding under the couch!!!

    Sparkles &



  2. Hahaha, imaginative mis-conception! The Jalapeno ones were yummy!


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