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Needle Felting For Beginners - Are Felting Kits Worth It?

Needle felting has to be one of the most satisfying crafts out there, I mean who wouldn't want to release some pent up frustration by stabbing a needle into some wool and ending up with something pretty. It's a craft I am fairly new to though, so I have gone through all the thoughts on where to start, what is worth buying when I'm not sure if I will like the craft and want to do lots of it etc. So I thought I'd do some blogs on my experiences so far, a few things I have since invested in and would recommend, and some other bits that will help out anyone thinking of giving it a go.  What is needle felt? Needle felting is very much like the name sounds, the action of stabbing a needle into felting wool fibres, and you'll either build something up freehand, or around a polystyrene shape. I've also seen video of felters pushing fibres into cookie cutters and making a shape to felt together that way. This is called dry felting. There is also wet felting which uses wa