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My 'Me Time'

The lovely Vicky over at Pretty Witty Things recently blogged about her love of reading, and how this is her escape and 'me time' as a Mum. At the end of the post she asked - what is your me time - so I thought I'd take up the challenge and answer that. After a good few years of working from home I have come to realise that unless you work from home, you just don't realise what it's like. I love working from a home desk, but can and do get surrounded by it sometimes, so having some time to switch off is important. Especially since I suffer from anxiety as well. I guess 'Me Time' isn't any one particular thing, it just depends on what I feel like and what works, but I love the Spring and Summer sun, because I can sit outside a cafe or sit in the garden, and the weather on my back will help me switch off and indulge in my passion for reading. I don't know what it is about those times, perhaps just the weather helping me unwind helps me concentr

Me - The Reluctant 30 Something

Me and Wilson 3 years ago Writing an age related post could quite possibly bring even more cries of "age is just a number", but I am taking the chance and declaring myself a pretty reluctant 30 something. Some things I share with my parents are probably harder to put my fingers on, but I know one thing I do share with my Mum is we both hated turning 30. I wasn't sure exactly why at the time, but it didn't feel good, and made me feel old, well old in my sense of the word. I have the odd (ugh) grey hair to cover up, my teeth which were once seen to in seconds by a pleased dentist now need a bit more attention of the stressful variety, and yep people keep telling me age is just a number. Maybe it's also the expectation that comes with being 30 - people don't exactly judge, but always seem surprised to meet a 30 something who isn't settled, married, has started a family, well actually not necessarily all of those, but they seem to be looking for one or t

Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup Tox Challenge

If there is such a thing as a stereotypical beauty blogger, than I am most definitely not it! I have been out of the house (shock horror) without makeup quite a few times, I have little idea what the latest trends are, and my attempts at applying makeup can be pretty clumsy - picture way too many failed attempts at painting my nails, and ending up with more mineral foundation on my jeans than my face the first time I tried it. I do love blogging beauty though, trying out products I otherwise may not have tried, and discovering what best suits me. I like a challenge as well, and I've read my makeup choices are on-trend for my age group so I figure that earns me brownie points! Sheer Cover want to convert more people to the mineral makeup cause through setting this mineral make-up challenge. I was sent a Sheer Cover Studio Kit in medium, and my challenge was to replace my normal makeup with the kit for a whole week, then blog about the results.  I could use a few items that were

Book Review - Chocolate Wishes By Trisha Ashley

One of my goals this year is to do a lot more reading. I absolutely love to read but in the last few years have often finished my day and just been tired or not able to concentrate. Hopefully there will be plenty of chances to switch off more and maybe sit in the garden on a sunny day with a book. I have finished my first read though, so thought I'd blog my first ever book review. Chocolate Wishes is set in Lancashire and follows the life of chocolate maker Chloe, her eccentric family, and friends Poppy and Felix. Chloe's luck is out when not one but two ex lovers enter her life, as the arrogant David, and rock star turned Vicar both turn up in Sticklepond where she lives. The story twists and turns it's way around the themes of love and betrayal and ultimate forgiveness, along with friendship turning to love for two of the characters, unwanted neighbours and protests, and the curious activities of Chloe's warlock grandfather, and his coven. I think I would de