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Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup Tox Challenge

If there is such a thing as a stereotypical beauty blogger, than I am most definitely not it! I have been out of the house (shock horror) without makeup quite a few times, I have little idea what the latest trends are, and my attempts at applying makeup can be pretty clumsy - picture way too many failed attempts at painting my nails, and ending up with more mineral foundation on my jeans than my face the first time I tried it.

I do love blogging beauty though, trying out products I otherwise may not have tried, and discovering what best suits me. I like a challenge as well, and I've read my makeup choices are on-trend for my age group so I figure that earns me brownie points!

Sheer Cover want to convert more people to the mineral makeup cause through setting this mineral make-up challenge. I was sent a Sheer Cover Studio Kit in medium, and my challenge was to replace my normal makeup with the kit for a whole week, then blog about the results.  I could use a few items that were not in the kit from my own stash but that was it.

First impressions

My Sheer Cover Goodies

They were good - I wasn't sure what I was being sent to try, so when the box of full size goodies arrived I was surprised, and a little bit excited to try them all out. My Deluxe Studio VIP kit had a Conceal and Brighten Trio, Sun Kissed Bronzing Minerals, Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation, Lengthening Mascara, a set of brushes, and Lash Extending Fibers - though I was a bit puzzled looking at those - had no idea what they were.

The Challenge

Was pretty easy really - if I'm wearing makeup then my essentials are foundation, concealer and a bit of colour, and all I had to add was (in the spirit of the challenge) my Bare Minerals Primer (a treat last year) my FCUK lip gloss, and some shimmer eye shadow and glitter.

The kit contained all I needed to cover, protect, and add a bit of colour as a base, and enforced use for
Before Selfie
a week meant that my face to jeans ratio improved when I applied the foundation. It IS hard to be completely careful - even though I know a little goes a very long way.

The Results

I think the bronzer probably surprised and impressed me the most. I normally avoid bronzer like the plaque in favour of a little blusher or natural tan - but no harsh orange colours with this compact, just nice shimmering colour. A good alternative to blusher.

I may not have tried as many concealers as some, but I've tried a few, and the Sheer Cover one is the best I've had. The full size one looks like it will last for ages, and covered my blemishes easily, so I was happy with that.

The mineral foundation wasn't as easy to apply as liquid, and a bit paler than expected, but after a week of use coupled together with the bronzer I was pretty happy with the overall result.

I don't have any creative pictures to show you of my eyes, but the longer brush made the mascara easier to apply, and although I'm not sure the extending fibers will be remembered and shopped for now this challenge is over, to me the look stood out, but was a lot more natural than expected - a plus since my pet makeup hate is false eye lashes and lashes caked in mascara.

Am I A Convert?

I am a convert to a certain extent, the makeup looks after my skin well and covers what I need it to, and I like the results my kit gave me. My only problem is that when I have bought mineral makeup products before I've bought the odd thing as a treat when I can afford it.

Buying a whole kit, or replacing the items that run out from a Sheer Cover kit would be quite pretty expensive - so while I do like the Sheer Cover brand - I don't think it
will be forming all of my collection long term.

Find out more about Sheer Cover, their products and kits, and mineral makeup as a whole at their website.

* This kit was kindly sent for review but all opinions are my own.

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