Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mini Primark Haul - April 2015

Love them or hate them, Primark is great when your freelancers purse strings are a bit tight and you feel like a treat. There are some things I probably wouldn't buy in there, but the store is great for basics, and PJ's - I am slightly addicted to Primark PJ's - love the fluffy Winter ones, and their Summer collection. So here's a haul post to share a few of the super cute things I bought, and a few bargains as well.

Cardigan - £5

This was an impulse buy I found on a sale rack. I did need more in the way of cardigans and it's lovely and warm and comfortable, perfect for this weather when it can get a bit chilly. Hopefully it will hold out well in the wash and last a long time, really happy so far - it just attracts the bits if you're sitting on the grass in the sunshine.

Trainer Socks - £2.50

Super cute Care Bear motif, a nice fit and good range of colours (purple, blue and pink). Impulse buy I had to have and I think good value for the quality and being a licensed product.

Basic T-Shirts - £1.50 each

One thing I'm often buying each season in Primark, as old ones wear. These are from one of their basic ranges, with a slightly looser fit which I liked. Great range of colours and styles in the t-shirt aisles here. Always happy with the quality and value of the basic shirts as well.

Mickey Mouse PJ Top - £4.00

Almost like a Japanese cute Tsum Tsum Mickey, really cute design, great for summer, and ideally goes with a pair of PJ bottoms I have at home (with nothing to go with). Just a pity they didn't have matching bottoms in store instead of tiny shorts. This will be great for the summer though.

Little Mermaid PJ Set - £10.00

Bright, colourful and full of all the characters from the film on the bottoms, with an on-trend American style print on the top. They came up a bit bigger than their sets usually do, but still fine for a PJ fit, and they are still fairly light for warmer weather, and wearable in autumn as well. I love this store for Disney PJ's!!