Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Spring Tea Party Craft Ideas

Craft, craft, lovely craft. I'm not sure how, but I've managed to fit in some making recently, and for a change they all ended up as a themed collection. I was lucky enough to be gifted some Spring craft products from Baker Ross to blog about, and here's my first play around with them.

I used -

Spring themed activity pack - £6.99 - this had paper, card, ribbon and brads, an outline sticker sheet, pop-out baskets, and an activity sheet with project ideas. Loved the vibrancy of the colours on some of the paper and card selections, although I would've liked more variety with the patterned card. Overall though I thought it was a good to have a kit of basics and with some ideas to help get me started. I think there's lots of possibilities with a pack like this, and you do get some good quality card and paper for the money. I would've liked a few more little things, but I'd be more likely to buy a pack like this than one from a themed collection that might contain a lot of the same papers I'd get bored of.

Porcelain Paints -£10.99 for 6 - I received a box of six, and I love, love, love the colours. I had a white, a dark pastel blue and green shade, a bright green, and bright orange. With what I have used them for, a little goes a long way with these paints, so I think working out the cost per pot they present good value, especially if you're going to be painting small things. I was a bit wary of using a paint brush instead of a pen, but found it easier than expected, and with the trusty black fine liner, there's a good combination for some Spring painting. My only comment would be I'm not sure I'd use the white, I'd just leave those areas blank, so it might have been good to have another colour instead.

Tea Bag Holders - £3.99 for 5 - When I saw these on the list my first thought was - what is their purpose, does anyone need a teabag holder?! But I think they are really cute, and glazed which is always a bonus as I can wipe off my bad painting attempts, even after they've dried (before heat setting). I think they'd make a nice alternative to a hanging decoration - it might be possible to display them on mini plate stands/hooks. I enjoy the challenge of what to paint in different size spaces so painting these was good fun, I just found the dipped inside edge a bit of a challenge when trying to be neat. There's room to personalise so this could be a good option to sell on, perhaps with a matching card.

Apart from a few little things I've touched on, I was happy using all these products, and while the activity pack could be a bit better value for money - there's so many things adults can enjoy doing with all these items - and as basics, nothing will go to waste.

Find out more about the Baker Ross craft range at - www.bakerross.co.uk - all products were sent for he purposes of this review, but ideas and opinions are all my own.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Brits Are Back - Play This Brits Bingo Game

Not too long now until Ant and Dec are our hosts for this year's Brit Awards, but hasn't it seemed a long wait since last year's event. I'll be honest I used to love watching the Brit Awards when I was younger and happily voted for my favourite bands and tuned in to see who had one. In the last few year's the presenting and live music hasn't really had the same buzz in my opinion, but I'm excited that Ant and Dec are presenting - these guys know how to put on a show!

Anyway in my inbox this week I had details of a fun little bingo game that I thought I'd share with you all. If you're getting together with friends and family to watch this year's ceremony, why not give it a go and see who wins! Thanks to the folk at the Two Little Fleas office for sending this over.

View Interactive Version (via Two Little Fleas).

For all things Brit Awards, check out the official website. Any thoughts on who is going to win, would love you all to share them below. February 25th - ITV.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Comment - Eastenders Live Week - Who Killed Lucy

Well I didn't see that one coming, Kathy Beale alive and well and back on the square - nice one Eastenders, although even as a regular viewer I can't quite remember how her exit/supposed death played out, maybe time for another flashback.

Anyway while that may have shocked many, all the hype was around the long awaited announcement of who killed Lucy Beale - at last. To be honest I'd almost forgotten it was due, but not in a bad, this storyline is being dragged out too long kind of way.

I have been watching all week and I just want to say well played Eastenders. Normally with a big storyline I have a pretty firm idea of what's going on, or who has the big secret, and am normally complaining at it being dragged out or wondering when the characters will cotton on. Not so this time - although many people had Jane pegged as Lucy's killer, I wasn't at all sure, and the scenes with several of the other subjects were well played and kept me guessing.

As the week wore on I could count several people out, although only going by my theory that their guilty/revealing scenes came a bit too early on and it would have then been obvious. Yep I felt the drama. I'm not really sure what having live excerpts slotted in episodes did for me as a viewer, although it must have been a good experience for the cast, but other than that I think as a Soap Opera storyline it did confuse, send me on several different paths for just long enough to have me doubt, and then surprise a bit with the end result.

Good one BBC Drama. Let's see what tonight's fully live episode has in store!

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