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Make Of The Month - Fabric Purse

Hello all, The weather seems to have calmed down a bit (for now) and I've had a bit of a creative weekend, which reminded me I haven't done a 'Make Of The Month' post for a while so I thought I'd show off my first ever attempt at a fabric purse! I had a purse clasp as a free gift with Crafty Magazine last year and was determined to make something with it. I missed the bit in the magazine about downloading a template, so this make is a combination of Crafty's instructions, and a template/info sourced from my Nan (who also helped source the material from my Aunt). My instructions I had a thick denim outer and some purple fabric all cut out to form the purse and lining, this was the easy bit. The instructions were very brief, and at times not all that clear - it didn't say for example how far up the sides to sew, and when I had to put the lining inside the outer layer, push it out the top and then sew it to the purse in the right way (so I could turn

Beauty Must Have - Bach Rescue Cream

I have heard so many bloggers saying that one of the things they love is the chance to try out products that they otherwise wouldn't have heard of - it's true this is a great part of blogging, although in this case I have been trying out a product that I knew of, but would never have thought of buying before. I was very kindly sent a selection of products from the Nelson's Pure and Clear and Bach Rescue range to sample, and would happily recommend them all. I might nitpick at the shape of the Rescue Lip Balm pot, or the number of wipes (which seemed to go quite quickly) in the Pure and Clear range, but overall my complexion is happier, and although I can't erase what hormones do to my face at times, the effects have been reduced. But I'm blogging because I wanted to give some space to the Bach Rescue cream, which for me stood out among the products I was sent. Just like other products in the range it uses a combination of 5 flower essences along with other in

January Shopping Haul

Bit of a delay with this shopping post, but that's probably because I feel like I did more shopping this January than any other - ever! What's going on? I normally trudge round the sales and If I'm lucky come back with next year's wrapping paper and Christmas cards and nothing else. So I thought I would dedicate a blog post to my successful shopping. Here's a few things I bought: Models Own Haul   My Twitter feed has been buzzing with swatches and pictures of people with their goodies from the short sale Models Own ran recently. 50% off with a minimum £25 spend. My sister and I went halves and shared a nail polish haul, I was quite restrained after that, but my sister ordered more! We opted for 2 neon colours, 2 glitters, and one from their velvet goth range. Looking forward to pretty nails, though I'm not very patient so might have to get my sister to do them for me. I think pink neon will have to be first on my list to cheer up the dismal days. Yet t

Introducing Wilson The Dog

One of my absolute favourite things about blogging is the chance to share and write about the things love, so it was a no-brainer for me when I was offered the chance to write about my favourite pet as part of the 'I Heart My Pet' campaign run by the National Office for Animal Health (NOAH).  Wilson when he was a baby Technically I'm not a pet owner, and despite trying to sell the benefits of having a pet in your home office ( I work from home), and to your mental health, to my parents, so far Mum says no, so we are a pet-less household. I do make a very good pet sitter thoughand am very lucky to have a sister that has a dog. When my sister was looking for a dog, I was the one that found the ad that led to his door, and that is something I've always felt good about. I first met Wilson when he was just 8 weeks old, and just waking up in his basket. He was placed on my lap and sat there contentedly licking my trousers for ages. After a while of this my sist