Monday, 3 February 2014

Introducing Wilson The Dog

One of my absolute favourite things about blogging is the chance to share and write about the things I love, so it was a no-brainer for me when I was offered the chance to write about my favourite pet as
part of the 'I Heart My Pet' campaign run by the National Office for Animal Health (NOAH).

Wilson when he was a baby
Technically I'm not a pet owner, and despite trying to sell the benefits of having a pet in your home office ( I work from home), and to your mental health, to my parents, so far Mum says no, so we are a pet-less household. I do make a very good pet sitter though, and am very lucky to have a sister that has a dog.

When my sister was looking for a dog, I was the one that found the ad that led to his door, and that is something I've always felt good about. I first met Wilson when he was just 8 weeks old, and just waking up in his basket. He was placed on my lap and sat there contentedly licking my trousers for ages.

After a while of this my sister asked, "do you like him then", I don't think I need to say what my answer to that is.

I think a love for animals is sometimes hard to explain, but for me it's something that's always been there. Wilson always makes me smile, whether he is on his hind legs wanting a cuddle, chasing his tail, or sleeping on the sofa. My favourite time is when the weather is dry and we can go over the park for a walk - I might be outdoors a fair bit anyway, but there's nothing like jogging round the
park watching Wilson running about, his ears flapping in the breeze, it really does help me switch off like nothing else.

I work from home, and suffer with anxiety and mild agoraphobia, that's a whole other story but both can be isolating and lonely, however satisfying work can be. Fluffy furry company really has kept me going, made sure I take proper computer breaks, and like any good pet he's loyal and doesn't answer back unless he's demanding treats!

My furr-nephew has also been the influence behind a new goal of mine in 2014 - I have plans to re-launch myself and my crafting, perhaps try and create a brand eventually. Inspired by Wilson I have renamed as 'Pawprints and Petals'.

Fluffy, furry, inspiring, nutty, playful, sleepy, mud attracting, and for a few glorious hours every now and then he is all mine. I heart my furr-nephew, and he makes me happy. What else can I say apart from that.

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