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Thank you for stopping by, I hope you've enjoyed your visit, and if you are visiting from a brand, or representing one, I look forward to seeing how we could work together in the future.

These City Days is a lifestyle blog, all about my life-based in one of the UK's newest cities. At its core is a passion for all things creative, including craft, music, books, and baking, which is coupled with some local content, opinion pieces, and beauty reviews.

I am open to approaches from companies or their PR reps for sponsored posts or product reviews on the site, as long as it fits in well with the ethos of the blog. I have reviewed everything from a flower delivery service, canvas printing, and stationery, to face wash and soap. This has included sponsored content for brands such as Hobbycraft and Panasonic and book reviews/blog tour posts for HQ Stories.  

Any brands that I work with can be assured of creative, consistent content. If you send me craft products to review, then I will make with them as much as I can, while I won't post a review on other products such as shampoo until I have properly tried and tested them. I'm not about cut and paste press release content here, I hope to genuinely provide useful content for everyone reading, and will work hard to make it so, working on content that is a good fit for my blog. 

I can include No Follow links to product pages or your home page, and images by request. Please note I will be following Google guidelines when it comes to links, which will be No Follow. 

I also have two Instagram accounts, my main one (@thesecitydays) and an art and craft account, and can cross-promote to there if appropriate. I also post on Facebook and network in relevant blogging groups. 

Visitors are engaged, and I hope you will be too. Please get in touch @ for more information, and check out my disclosure page.

Additional Services: I am a freelance writer by trade, so please check out my professional website for more information on my journalism and copywriting background.


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Hobbycraft Lino Printing Online Workshop Review

 One of the things that has been great to see now we have come through the worst of the Covid pandemic, has been companies continuing with the online activities they launched during the lockdowns. Hobbycraft now offer a wide range of workshops online and in-store through the year, and I recently took part in an online lino printing workshop, so I thought I'd blog a bit more about what's on offer and the workshop I took part in. What workshops are on offer?  These vary through the year, and can involve seasonal, adults, and kid's workshops in-store and online. If you click on the workshops you are interested in finding out more about, you can find out about what's included in the price, what you'll learn, and the available workshop dates, there's also the opportunity to request private events for groups. While I'm writing this, there are workshops on Cricut, watercolour painting, knitting, paint pouring, seasonal wreath making, using clay, sewing, and a new

Hocus Pocus 2 Film Review

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year for films, and I've loved all the witch and wizard magical, spooky-themed films since I was young. I was really looking forward to seeing Hocus Pocus 2, but I had no idea what to expect from the sequel. Would they pick up where they left off in 1993, move on a bit but with a strong connection to the original, or do something completely different? This Disney + release turned out to be the latter, and I found myself watching a modern-day Salem on screen. The old town is now a 'historic district' which has the air of a novel tourist attraction, complete with a mystical magic shop which presents the story of Salem and the Sanderson Sisters as some kind of commercial entertainment enterprise - hear the story, buy some magical merch.  The detail in Gilbert's shop and his stage show presentation are very apt for the modern day, and the feeling that the Sanderson sister's legend has become less powerful and more humorous myth

Get Packing Family Game Review

It's already June, and I have only just logged on to blogger for the first time this year. It just goes to show how life can run away with you. I'm going to do a life update kind of post another time, but for now, wanted to use some free time (escaping the heat of the sun for a bit) to do something fun. It's been interesting now we have a (growing up way too quick) child in the house which games we've bought, kept, revisited and still enjoy as a family, and Get Packing is definitely one of those.  Its bright colourful box suggested this is every inch a kid's game, but don't be fooled, this really is one all the family can enjoy, and come back to long after you've first bought it. The premise seems simple, with each player having a small suitcase that needs packing for a trip to a certain destination, but it's not as simple as it looks. Not only are there three different levels to play, with multiple destination cards in each, but you have to fit all kind