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Pastel Pom Pom Christmas Tree Project By Jolly Festive

Happy December everybody, how have we got here this fast? My city centre has their Christmas tree lights on, my xmas shopping is in full swing, and I’ve watched a few cheesy Christmas movies already. There’s still plenty of time to make some decorations though, and I have a great guest post here all about pom poms, which I hope will inspire you. Over to the lovely Hannah at Jolly Festive to chat about her beautiful Pom Pom Christmas Tree Project. You can find my post all about kid’s Christmas books here . Pom-pom craft projects are brilliant.  To be honest, that’s not a sentence I ever expected to find myself writing. Years of making pom poms with those cardboard circles, alongside our Guiding volunteer Mum, traumatised me.  Not because they were hard to make. But because they seemed to take an eternity and the constant feeding of yarn through that central hole made my eyes go squiggly!  Fast forward a decade (or maybe three) and I decided to brave the world of pom-poms once more.