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More About Me

Me and my furrball nephew Wilson Hopefully all of you lovely readers have got the gist behind These City Days by now, and have delved into some of my (hopefully shared interests), but I thought I'd share a few more bits and pieces about me. So here's my favourite facts. If you'd like to join in and leave some thoughts below, click and connect. 3 Things I'm Not Very Good At: 1. Cooking eggs - Mum makes the best scrambled eggs, whereas mine just end up like rubber with white lumps in. I just can't seem to get it right. Probably paranoid they won't cook properly. 2. Drawing - always hated that my sister inherited the arty jeans, and annoyingly my best work got ruined in the kiln or kept at school. Luckily I discovered crafting. 3. Sticking to a skincare routine - I do try to look after my skin as best I can, but I have so many body butters and creams hanging about, I just seem to randomly pick one up when I remember rather than do a set cleanse, tone

New Years Resolutions

A week into the New Year, and instead of doing a 'review of the year' style post, I thought I'd get back into blogging on a more positive note, and dive head first into my New Year's resolutions for 2014. I don't normally make any, but last year was a bit of a tough one for many reasons, so I want to do everything I can to make this one a good one. So here are my pledges for the coming year: 1. My ironing pile to be no bigger than 3 items. I have to be honest and say I quite enjoy most housework, but loathe ironing, and for too long, I've just let it pile up on a chair until the pile was huge. No more, I will limit it to 3 items and just get it done and over with. 10 days into January and so far so good! 2. Take proper computer breaks. Although I have another small job that gets me out the house, between blogging and working as a professional writer, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of spending over long staring at the screen, or faffing a

Christmas and New Year 2013

Happy New year everyone! It's been a little quiet over here in the last couple of weeks, but according to my stats I have hit another blog milestone, and gone over 5K views since I was last here. I had no idea how my blog would be received when I launched it in June, so thank you all very much for the comments, and for reading all my ramblings. I thought for my first posts back I would reflect on Xmas and the past year, and start with all the festive goings-on in our neck of the woods. Personally I hate it when all the decorations and lights come down, the house looks bare, and the weather is miserable to match. But Christmas was great. Apart from the occasional check of the net on my phone, and a couple of necessary laptop visits I was essentially off, for the first time in ages for 2 weeks. My first attempt at decorating the cake! We had my sister visiting briefly Xmas morning, and a few pressies/cuddles with my nephew Joey and furrball Wilson, a yummy roast, more prese