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Although a fairly new blog in the blogging universe, I have had the opportunity to work with some interesting brands in a range of different ways. These have include big name craft brands such as Hobbycraft, and beauty businesses such as Scottish Fine Soaps and Fenjal. It's an enjoyable part of These City Days, getting the chance to try out new things that I wouldn't normally have come across or bought.

The most important thing to me is that you're here because you believe your brand or business would be a good fit for the content I produce on my blog, be that beauty, baking, craft, books, or something local to Essex.

The ways in which we could work together could include:

* Sponsored posts - I have hosted successful sponsored posts in areas that fit in with the content of my blog. Each post will have some form of disclosure and no-follow links included. I write original content myself, and may consider pre-written material.

* Reviews - I really enjoy the opportunity to review new products and have in the past produced creative and balanced reviews of food items, beauty products, books and games to name a few. I sometimes review things I have bought and come across or tried as well - both are disclosed.

* Competition - I would be happy to host a giveaway on my site. I can produce an original post, with entry methods, and promote on social media channels.

Please get in touch at to discuss how we could work together, rates, and other details.


Images - to the best of my knowledge, all images on the blog have either been taken by myself, supplied by a PR company, or are in the public domain. Please contact me if you have any problems.

There will sometimes be content on my blog that has some form of 'sponsored element'. I always disclose when I have been sent items for review or I am working in collaboration with a company on other sponsored posts.

All reviews are entirely my own opinions, and will be balanced, honest, and constructive where needed. If I feel a criticism or suggestion for improvement needs to be aired, then I will write this in the best possible way, and it can help. I once pointed out a technical glitch which made viewing hard on a site, that the owners were not aware of.


Popular posts from this blog

Name On Rice Creations - Keyring Review

Saturday blogging of a creative nature, as I recently was lucky enough to be picked as a tester for Name On Rice Creations. They were offering a group of lucky customers to order a product simply for paying postage. There was a choice of items available that could be customised a bit.

This page caught my eye because of the name - Name On Rice Creations - what could it mean? How could you possibly write on rice. I had to try it out.

There are bookmarks, bracelets, bag charm/keyrings, Christmas decorations and a few other items available, all based around a cute little vial which houses pretty sparkly things in liquid, and your name on rice. It's all slightly mysterious, but I like not knowing exactly how it's done and what's been used.

I chose a keyring, with pink sparkle, my name on the rice, and you also get to choose extra charms, so I ended up with a pawprint and a petal (my craft page is called Pawprints and Petals). It's a busy and popular page, so I had to wait …

Sherbet Lane - Stationery Subscription Box Review

I don't think everyone quite understands it, but I love stationery, and while I wouldn't call myself addicted, I have to write letters on pretty paper, and use notebooks with a funky cover. Plain is just a bit boring! I was lucky enough to chat with designer and illustrator Claire Keay for Essex Lowdown, and kept in touch after doing the article. It's great when you freelance and you can keep some of the connections you make, and write follow up content.

So hear I am with a new and shiny #SherbetBox - this is the stationery subscription box from Claire's Sherbet Lane brand, which was initially crowd funded in super quick time. So far it seems, so good, so well done, as I know it's not easy launching a new project, and wondering if anyone will fund or buy it.

My Sherbet Box was the second one to be released for July 2016, and the theme was all seaside related. Inside my box of goodies was a themed pencil, a themed gift tag, a small sweet, a colouring sheet, a small…

Garden Mosaic Picture - With Wood And Mosaic Tiles

* Craft Alert*

I recently received a box of goodies from the lovely people at Baker Ross, and if you've seen my previous make you'll know that I was intrigued by the sisal, and enjoyed making with it. I have some colourful looking pens to try out soon as well. The rest of the box was a little disappointing, in that the wood pieces, small wooden logs (my best name for them) and a big box of mosaic tiles, didn't come together in an obvious way at first, and none of the packs had any suggestions to get you going with how they could be best attached to things or manipulated.

It was mum who came up with the idea of sticking some of the bigger bits of wood (mulberry slices) together and then decorating the shape, and after a bit of experimenting I came up with a rough circle shape. I decided then to make a little piece of artwork for the garden, and painted the wood up with an outdoor paint.

There are a lot of mosaic tiles in the box, in all kinds of shapes and colours, with s…