Although a fairly new blog in the blogging universe, I have had the opportunity to work with some interesting brands in a range of different ways. These have include big name craft brands such as Hobbycraft, and beauty businesses such as Scottish Fine Soaps and Fenjal. It's an enjoyable part of These City Days, getting the chance to try out new things that I wouldn't normally have come across or bought.

The most important thing to me is that you're here because you believe your brand or business would be a good fit for the content I produce on my blog, be that beauty, baking, craft, books, or something local to Essex.

The ways in which we could work together could include:

* Sponsored posts - I have hosted successful sponsored posts in areas that fit in with the content of my blog. Each post will have some form of disclosure and no-follow links included. I write original content myself, and may consider pre-written material.

* Reviews - I really enjoy the opportunity to review new products and have in the past produced creative and balanced reviews of food items, beauty products, books and games to name a few. I sometimes review things I have bought and come across or tried as well - both are disclosed.

* Competition - I would be happy to host a giveaway on my site. I can produce an original post, with entry methods, and promote on social media channels.

Please get in touch at to discuss how we could work together, rates, and other details.


Images - to the best of my knowledge, all images on the blog have either been taken by myself, supplied by a PR company, or are in the public domain. Please contact me if you have any problems.

There will sometimes be content on my blog that has some form of 'sponsored element'. I always disclose when I have been sent items for review or I am working in collaboration with a company on other sponsored posts.

All reviews are entirely my own opinions, and will be balanced, honest, and constructive where needed. If I feel a criticism or suggestion for improvement needs to be aired, then I will write this in the best possible way, and it can help. I once pointed out a technical glitch which made viewing hard on a site, that the owners were not aware of.

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