Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My 'Me Time'

The lovely Vicky over at Pretty Witty Things recently blogged about her love of reading, and how this is her escape and 'me time' as a Mum. At the end of the post she asked - what is your me time - so I thought I'd take up the challenge and answer that.

After a good few years of working from home I have come to realise that unless you work from home, you just don't realise what it's like. I love working from a home desk, but can and do get surrounded by it sometimes, so having some time to switch off is important. Especially since I suffer from anxiety as well.

I guess 'Me Time' isn't any one particular thing, it just depends on what I feel like and what works, but I love the Spring and Summer sun, because I can sit outside a cafe or sit in the garden, and the weather on my back will help me switch off and indulge in my passion for reading. I don't know what it is about those times, perhaps just the weather helping me unwind helps me concentrate on my books.
Love to find wildlife on a trip out

Typical British weather doesn't always help this though, so I also enjoy getting out on my bike and going for a ride to blow the cobwebs away. Unfortunately most of the good places to ride are the other side of town, but I've managed a few trips, and some refreshing rides from a to b. I'm a bit out of practice with swimming, but I pushed myself to take it up again the year before last, and have loved the odd visit I've been able to make - that really has been 'me time', but our pool building is a bit cold and drafty in winter, so I save that for the summer months as well.

Crafting I can do all year round though, and it's such great therapy. I could write about it for ages, but it's just the pure joy of covering my bedroom floor with my crafty stash, staring at it with a blank face for a while, then trying to create something, normally ending up with binned bits of paper and fingers covered in glue.

One of my makes

I'm a bit opposite to Vicky though, I'm not a Mum but an Auntie, so in a way it is 'Me Time' when I get to turn off and entertain my little cheeky monkey of a nephew or take my favourite furry dog friend Wilson for a walk.

Have you got one thing you do for 'Me Time' or is there several, if you have any stories to tell, I'd love to hear from you. Please post your comments and links below, and let's all share the joys of indulging in our favourite things.

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