Monday, 17 March 2014

Me - The Reluctant 30 Something

Me and Wilson 3 years ago
Writing an age related post could quite possibly bring even more cries of "age is just a number", but I am taking the chance and declaring myself a pretty reluctant 30 something. Some things I share with my parents are probably harder to put my fingers on, but I know one thing I do share with my Mum is we both hated turning 30. I wasn't sure exactly why at the time, but it didn't feel good, and made me feel old, well old in my sense of the word.

I have the odd (ugh) grey hair to cover up, my teeth which were once seen to in seconds by a pleased dentist now need a bit more attention of the stressful variety, and yep people keep telling me age is just a number. Maybe it's also the expectation that comes with being 30 - people don't exactly judge, but always seem surprised to meet a 30 something who isn't settled, married, has started a family, well actually not necessarily all of those, but they seem to be looking for one or the other or moving up the career ladder - something that marks you out as having moved on from your student years.

Then there's the comments such as "how can you stand living at home at your ages", and "shouldn't you have moved out by now", and the best one has to be "you better hurry up if you want a child" suggesting my vital baby making organs might dry up anytime soon. If you're in my shoes as well, then you'll know it all gets a bit boring, and those comments made in jest just unfunny.

Well my life is what it is, it may not be perfect, or quite the way I want it to be at the moment, and maybe that is partly why I am a reluctant 30 something, but if age really is just a number, perhaps that number should be without stigma or expectation, and reminders of how I am half way to old age.

Luckily I have one trick up my sleeve in that department - I don't LOOK my age, a pleasing thought every time I am reminded of the date on my birth certificate!

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