Friday, 26 July 2013

Chelmsford City Life - In Photos

One thing I absolutely couldn't live without is my camera. I love taking pictures, and have done since I had my first camera when I was younger. I even won a little award (bar of chocolate!) for being 'snap happy' on a geography field trip at school!! Although I haven't got any photo's of exotic holidays to share, I still thought I'd pop up a photo post, and share some of my favourite snaps from the last few years!

I didn't have to go far to catch this shot. Fleeting glimpse of duck family in the pond down our road. We've also spotted deer, foxes, owls, and baby hedgehogs where we live!
My sister's dog Wilson, playing in the snow. He wasn't sure about the snow when he was younger, but loves being chased about now!
One of my favourite shots from Street Diversions Festival in Chelmsford, you have to be on your toes to capture shots at this event!

Hylands Park Chelmsford

I promised myself I'd go on a proper cycle ride somewhere nice last year, and as I hadn't been to Hylands Park in years, this was my target. Almost 8 miles I think I cycled on a sunny day, but it was worth it to have a ramble around the gardens, and buy some presents in the gift shop. I was a bit tired when I got back though!
One of the owls at the Chelmsford Museum Wildlife Funday in June 2012

I'd always wanted to go to a wildlife funday at the museum, but it normally falls on or very close to Mum's birthday so always ended up missing it. The owls on static display where stunning. They had snakes and insects inside as well, along with other stalls. It's well worth checking out!

All photo's copyright Lauren John, please do not reproduce.

Hope you enjoy my little pictorial insights into local life, I've been distracted snapping my nephew recently, but may have a few more photo surprises planned in the future.

What do you love snapping? leave your comments below!


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