Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dr Organic Monoi Melt Body Oil Review

Coconut has always been one of my favourite ingredients in a bath product (closely followed by mint), and I had never tried a Doctor Organic product before, so I was happy to be sent the Monoi Melt Body Oil to try.

As a review product, this is a brand new concept to me, so although I was sceptical about how an oil based product would suit me, and what it would be like to use, I was intrigued. What arrives is a box with lots of pointers on what the product does, and the natural ingredients used to make it. The packaging is striking, and the information clear, so it ticks boxes there, and for the number of natural ingredients the company was able to include in it.

You can use the body oil on your hair, hands and nails, and body. It comes in a glass bottle as a solid mass, and here the fun part starts, as to use it, you first have to melt it, by putting the bottle in warm water. It doesn't take very long for the product to melt before you can start using it. I wasn't too keen on the idea of using it on my hair so I went for a post bath pamper on my body and hands/nails.

The packaging suggests that this product works best on knees and elbows, and I found that to be the case, as they were lovely and smooth, yet my hands felt a little dry after use. I also had to massage it pretty well, so that took a bit longer than expected. The scent is inoffensive, though not purely coconut so it was a little confused, though the main failing is there was no dispenser nozzle on the bottle, or that could be attached, so even if I was being careful, it was all too easy to end up with too much product on my hands.

I think much like any other bathing and beauty product the Monoi Melt Body Oil will suit some people and not others, just as everyone will have their favourite uses for it. I don't think I would buy it again as I'd prefer something that's easier to use, that suits my skin type more, but trying my first Dr Organic product, has definitely made me want to check out some of the other products in their range, in fact I've already had a sneaky 'borrow' of Dad's Manuka Honey Rescue Cream, which may be a purchase when I have gone through my skincare stash.

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  2. This one wasn't sticky at all, just needed some patience applying. But it didn't suit some parts of my skin so well, but the product I tried of my Dads was great.


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