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Noble Isle Bath And Beauty Products

Noble Isle Fireside Gift Set

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Pampering should be a part of every girls life, and it certainly figures in mine, whether I want to unwind after a tiring day, or just feel in need of a treat. Just like all of you, I have my favourite products, but I do experiment as well, and don't always get the results I am looking for from high street brands. After doing some research I was introduced to luxury bathing and beauty brand Noble Isle, and am going to share their ethos and a bit about their brand with you now.

Noble Isle offer a range of products covering home, haircare, hand and body products, all positioned at luxury brands. As you'd expect from a higher end product, they have put thought into every detail, from their logo (a fist of herbs and flowers bursting from a bath tub) to their complimentary gift packaging.

What I also found interesting was their transparency when it came to what natural extracts were contained in their products and where they came from. I am used to seeing a product label on my fruit or meat  detailing the farm it came from but not so much with beauty products. But they have a useful search by extract tab, which allows you to find out more about the different extracts and fragrances, and the products that contain them. A few examples are:

Beetroot - used as an antioxidant, and also rich in proteins and minerals.
Oak - Antiseptic properties, and good for toning.
Water Lily - Known for calming the skin.
Heather Honey - Rich in iron and antioxidants.

There are a wide variety of ingredients to choose from across the different product ranges, sourced from all four corners of the UK, and blended to provide an aromatic, and cleansing experience. The products are available online, and via selected stockists. Here are a few of my product picks :

Summer Rising Body Lotion

Best described as 'invigorating', this is a mix of elderflower and gooseberry, and will provide luxurious toning and antioxidant properties. Also blended with musk, nutmeg, cut grass, orange blossom, tangerine, and oak moss. Customers recommend it for it's invigorating fragrance combinations, and easy absorbing.

Whisky And Water Fine Reed Diffuser

I'm highlighting this product because it shows the adaptability of the fragrances and botanical extracts, across different types of products. The Whisky And Water Diffuser would be great for the colder weather, when you can curl up, and let the aroma make your room even more comforting and cosy. This diffuser has a blend of cedar wood, vanilla, and single malt sourced from a distillery in the highlands of Scotland. Other choices include 'Rhubarb' and 'Willow song'.

Willow Song Bath And Shower Gel

There's nothing better than soaking in a nice warm bath, with some pampering products to use to help you unwind and relax. But if you're going to indulge, to my mind you have to do it right, and that for me, means a thick soapy lather, a fragrance that lingers, and a blend of ingredients that soothes. This bath and shower gel promises to do all these things, with it's fresh blend of watermelon, ivy, musk, rose petal, cedar wood, and lily of the valley.

The full product range, including a selection of gift sets containing complementary products, are available to view on the website, and I'd also suggest reading the customer reviews, as they give some really useful insights into what the products are like to use and apply, and what they are best for. Noble Isle certainly seem to be a luxury bathing company that will awaken your senses.

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