Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Energy Efficient Cooking Tips

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Sometimes when I am searching out things online, I don't have to look too far to get results, especially when looking at something like energy bills, and energy saving tips and advice. Although the bills in our house are not under my name, as a family, we always look to save on energy where we can. Sometimes this might mean that it's not quite cold enough to heat the house while we're in and out - which equals cold typing fingers, but when it comes to cooking, energy efficiency makes our lives easier, and helps improve the bills.

Eagle eyes may have spotted some food/baking based posts appear since I launched 'These City Days', so I thought for something different I'd add in some energy efficient cooking tips as well. I like cooking, and 'can cook', but I'm no expert, so anything that can save me stress and energy is a winner.

* Use your microwave

Microwave Steamer
 Microwaves are the most energy efficient   cooking appliance in the home. It's a fact nobody can argue with, although I hadn't thought of unplugging it to save power before. Technology means you can cook quickly, but it also means you can cook a greater range of items than ever before. My personal favourite is a spotted dick pudding, which is really easy to do in the microwave, and our steamer gets a lot of use in there when I cook rice as well. With the Consumer Energy Centre saying the device uses 50-65 percent less energy than a normal oven, and rumours that they are set to become even more efficient, what's not to like?

* Electric Fan Ovens

Hands up who has an electric oven in their house, a fan one? even better. Ticks the boxes for quick preheating and cooking times, and even temperatures help save power too. There's some tips you can apply to cooking as well. Don't commit the deadly sins of opening the oven door too much during cooking and losing the heat, or turn it on for single, small items.

* Mines A Large

It might not be so easy in summer when you're feasting on fruit and salad, but cooking hot meals in bulk is something, that with a bit of planning can serve you well all year round. Casseroles and mince based dishes or curries are favourites in our house, whether they are cooked on the hob, or in our energy saving slow cooker - which I've now found out uses less energy than a light bulb. Will you cook and freeze, or make several days dinners in one go?

Electric Oven
* Steamer Pans

Bit of a theme developing here, and I feel a sense of deja vu every time I wash up our steamer pan, but it makes cooking some things a lot easier. One thing that always puts me off recipes, is the thought of juggling lots of different pans, with different cooking times, and basically getting in a right mess. Our steam pan has several layers, so Mum (or I) can steam vegetables, and cook potatoes, and it's all been pretty seamless, plus it uses one ring on the hob, so we're saving power as well.

These are just some of the key ways you can cook more energy efficiently in the home, and there are plenty of small things you can do as well. Think energy smart and you'll soon be pre-boiling potatoes, boiling water in the kettle instead of the hob, or maybe even investing in a halogen oven or induction hob. Have you got any tips to share? why not leave them, and your blog link below, and lets connect.


  1. I always cook more than needed and freeze some. :)
    Tracey x

  2. I always cook in batches to freeze for later to save. I also plan to make an oven supper on days when we bake cookies, etc. to make more efficient use of the oven. Also, once the oven is turned off, keep the door open on cold days to help heat the house with the residual heat!