Thursday, 24 October 2013

Christmas Tag Post

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Eagle eyes may have spotted me joining in with a fun Autumn Tag Post, thanks to my blogger friend Vicky, who posted before me. I had fun answering all the questions, so I thought I'd start of a Christmas one. Perhaps Vicky will be first, and lots of you will all join in as well - it is about time we got just a little bit festive after all!

1. Do you buy anything in the January sales for next Christmas?

Yes, I am normally down at the sales looking for a treat for myself, find nothing, wonder at the people with bags stuff full of stuff, and then go home with nothing but reduced cards or gift wrap!

2. Are you organised when it comes to Christmas?

I'm on a self employed income, which can go up and down like a rollercoaster, especially as most pay in 30 days. I normally start xmas shopping in October/November when the festive gifts are in the shops, and birthdays are out the way. I also have a rough budget for every person I buy for, and try and be organised about posting things off. I can't stand the thought of standing in long post office queues or dashing around the shops at the last minute. Mostly depends on ideas though, which can be lacking for hard to buy for people!

3. Where do you sit on the scale of liking/disliking Christmas?

Probably somewhere between the middle, and liking. I think Christmas is always going to extremes. I like the build-up when the Christmas lights get turned on in town, I like making my cards and tags, and choosing presents for everyone. Christmas itself can be a bit full on - getting urged out of bed, a lot of socialising at home, more than any other time of year. It's not bad - it's just sometimes you want a break, and other times you end up bored, when nothing much is going on.

4. What is your ideal way to get in the Christmas Spirit?

We have a little tradition in our house, my sister and I both decorate the tree together, which we still do, even though she has left home. The Christmas Lights Switch On always has a good festive spirit. In an ideal world though, they'd hold Winter Wonderland here, instead of Hyde Park - be nice to have something like that, instead of a one-off event.

5. Have you had a white Christmas where you are?

I'm sure we have, but I can't remember it, recently the weather has been pretty miserable over Xmas, so we've been stuck inside, and so has Wilson (my sister's dog). I think fresh air should be a pre-requirement at Christmas! Nearest we've had is snow in January for Dad's birthday. I love the snow though, and have built some snowmen - now I have a nephew I may have company doing that soon!!

6. What is a typical Christmas Day in your house?

I get hauled out of bed by the rest of the family who are eager to start opening presents (big kids!),
Santa Wilson!
we open gifts for a while, then lunch is cooked and eaten, chill out time over coffee, then more presents. So that lasts until 3-4pm. Then we'll have a snack, watch Eastenders (the only programme we seem to end up watching all the way through), and sometimes we'll end up playing games at random times  - Monopoly at 10pm Xmas Day wasn't such a good idea. Then bed, and a nice lie-in, before more food, TV, and games on Boxing Day. It's a bit different now, as my sister has a little (and very cute) son. So we will probably be spending more time keeping him and Wilson the dog entertained this year when they are over, and may be quieter the rest of the time.

7. What do you hope Santa will leave for you under the Christmas Tree this year?

Ooh I've not actually made much of a list yet, but I do keep looking at the new Nintendo 2DS console, so that may have to get a mention. I'd also love some Hunkydory craft kits, you can't get them in the shops around here, and the quality is amazing. I don't need smellies though, well body butter anyway, I have so much of that already!

8. How do you put your own stamp on Christmas?

Christmas Decorations I Made!
For quite a while now, my sister and I decorate the Christmas tree, and (as much as we are allowed), make the rest of the house look festive. I have a few bits for my room as well. Much to Mum's annoyance I am always butting in with ideas for decorating the Christmas Cake, and this year, I think that might be my job!!! Other than that, I make cards and gift tags for friends and family gifts and like to make little gifts if I get time.

So I think that's my Christmas Tag well and truly started. Hope you will all join in, and also leave all your favourite things about Christmas in the comments below. Lets get some Christmas Spirit on These City Days!

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  1. Great post :) Christmas Day in our house is nutty. I used to be organised but year after year I'm not so much lol x