Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Tag

Anyone on Myspace remember when the latest craze was to answer surveys, which spread like wildfire round peoples profiles? It's a big like Deja Vu, as I've spotted a few questionnaires on Blogger, although they are now known as Tag posts. So I am tagging Vicky over at Pretty Witty Things who has joined in with an Autumn Tag Post, and decided I would do one as well.

For Autumn:

1. Favourite Thing About It?

I'd have to say 'nice' Autumn weather. I'm not a big fan of grey skies, and wet and windy misery, so when I wake up to surprising blue skies, and sunshine it really lifts my mood.The other day I was sitting outside a cafe by the river, having a drink with my parents in the sunshine, and it was lovely.

2. Favourite Drink

I've never been able to stomach tea or coffee, so my drink of choice would have to be hot lemon, or boiled water - which may seem a bit odd, but I find it refreshing. Occasionally if I need a boost then I may be naughty and reach for Mountain Dew or Lucozade.

3. Favourite Scent/Candle

Lavender probably wins hands down for this one because of its relaxing properties, although the Mango Yankee Candle that my sister bought me as a present leave a lovely scent in my room as well. I'm not a fan of anything too overpowering, but much to Dad's disgust I like the Ginger and Vanilla Air Freshener in the bathroom too.

4. Best Lipstick

I'm not sure I really have one to be honest, although No7 Lip Gloss Sets have been a cheeky treat in the January Sales, and I also have a Benefit Lipstick in a shade called Breathless that I love.

5. Go To Moisturiser

Hmm I better admit here that I am not always the best at keeping up a skincare routine, I also have a small haul of body butters etc. that I've been given as pressies so sometimes I just put one of those on. I also use Nelsons Pure and Clear range, or Nivea (thanks Dad for that one).

6. Go To Colour For Eyes

I'm a fan of glitter so I have a couple of pots of that which I like using when I go out, I am also getting good use out of a Front Cover set of gold shimmering tones which I reviewed a while back. Basically like anything that glitters or shimmers and isn't grey/black. I DO NOT get on with v.dark colours.

7. Favourite Music To Listen To

I have supported Take That since I was 13/14, apart from that my music tastes vary from 70's Disco, to 80's, classic soul, a bit of Hip Hop and Indie/Pop, soft rock, and Disney soundtrack songs. Current favourites are Matt Cardle, Lawson, and songs such as 'I Don't Trust Myself' - John Mayer, and 'Chasing Stars' - One Republic.

8. Favourite Outfit To Wear

Jeans, a nice pair of comfy flat boots, a top with a bit of bling, a comfy cardigan, and a stylish scarf. I have a bit of a scarf addiction - be it cosy or fabric.

9. Autumn Treat

At the moment I need to stop buying food when I am out and eat much nicer treats (i.e lunch) at home. So then I would have more pennies to buy an Autumn treat - which would probably be a lovely jumper or wintery leggings/dress.

10. Favourite Place To Be

On a nice day, in the park with my sisters gorgeous fluff ball Wilson, and my nephew Joey who is now old enough to go on the swings.

If anyone else fancies joining in this Autumn Tag and keeping the links and answers going, that would be great. Link back to me or maybe leave a few comments below.

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  1. great post, I love wearing scarves so I'm glad its the weather for it now! I mainly wear them to make the outfit rather than keep me warm haha.

    I did the tag too over at www.meimeisays.com :)

    meimei xx