Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Race For Life Twilight 5K - Chelmsford Event

When I was at school I hated athletics and was never any good at running. However hard I tried to breath and pace myself I always ended up with stitches. So on the surface it might seem like an odd decision to apply for a Race For Life event, BUT if you do think that then maybe you are missing the whole point of Race For Life.

You don't have to be good at running to enter, you can walk, jog, hop skip and dance the race if you like, and it doesn't matter what time to cross the finish line with. Race For Life is about raising funds for Cancer Research in a safe, and fun way, and of course exercise is great for your health as well.

I have never entered something like this before so I am a little apprehensive over what to expect. But the twilight event appealed because it's in town (easier to get to), and a smaller number of people (1000) which I feel more comfortable with. Also think the idea of getting everyone to glow in the dark with plenty of glow sticks is a lot of fun! I just need you all to send up a prayer to the weather gods so it's nice and dry on October 24th.

To all my friends and extended family who have been touched by cancer in some way - this one is for you. And in memory of my late uncle and his son who both lost their lives to cancer. I guess I better get into training. I'm not aiming to be first across the line - but I don't want to be last either!!! Will post up more of my Race For Life experiences later on. Thanks for reading about such a good cause.


  1. Good Luck! It's such a worthwhile cause, especially since all cancer research is funded through public generosity and there is very little government funding. It's a cause very close to my heart and I commend everyone who raises money for it. xxx

  2. Thanks Lauren, I've heard good things, and am looking forward to my first one - plus they encourage you to run with glow sticks, always a good thing.


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