Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Snapbox Photo Canvas Review

Hello all, it's September, and apart from some small blips, it's still nice weather - I would be quite happy if it stayed around the 22 - 24 degree mark for the rest of the year. Perhaps that is a bit optimistic, but I have had the chance to get out in the garden and snap some pics of my favourite little people (that's Wilson and my nephew Joey). They may not belong to me, but they visit lots.

I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the Snapbox photo canvas service recently, which proved to be the ideal opportunity to finally get another digital photo printed, as I really am hopeless at actually printing out my memories.

Fresh Out The Box
The website is easy to navigate and gives you the option of either submitting a photo by email, or navigating through the upload and purchase process on the site. I chose the latter option preferring to do it all myself. I found the software really handy, as when you upload you can select different sizes from the drop down menu, and see a scaled down version of what your photo will look like - useful for deciding if a square or rectangle shaped canvas will be better.

There are 5 different sizes you can choose from - with dimensions including the stretched gallery wrapped canvas, and the real wood box floater frame that each canvas is mounted on. Prices start at £13.99 for a 13 by 13cm canvas, and go up to £34.99 for a 25 by 33 cm version (including VAT).

I played around and finally decided on my chosen photo and size, (another plus point - it's easy to change the pictures and play around with different options) From then my check out process was easy - and then it was a case of waiting for the postman. My order went in on the 22nd and arrived the day after bank holiday so I have no complaints about delivery, or the packaging. My canvas arrived in a plastic bag, shrink wrapped to a cardboard holder and enclosed in a big box.

Waiting To Be Hung On The Wall!

The finished result is pictured here, and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality. It looks great, the frame is very sturdy and hard-wearing, and they have thought of all the little details - attaching a hanging device, and small pads at the bottom to stop it marking the wall. My Snapbox Canvas meets the approval of my nephew as well, who had a winning smile on his face when he saw it!

Visit the Snapbox website and see what they can do, I'd say the service is well worth the money.

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