Friday, 28 June 2013

Katy Sue Designs Flowers Silicone Mould Review

Flowers Silicone Mould
I celebrated my birthday on June 12th (Happy Birthday to me!), and decided I'd treat myself to something new and crafty to make things with. For the first time I made an order with Create and Craft, and was pretty impressed with the service. The item arrived quicker than expected, so I've already had time to make some things.

I chose the Flowers Silicone Mould from Katy Sue designs, which can be used for chocolate, and sugar paste/icing work, though I bought mine to use with Premo, an oven baked clay. The mould arrived and looked very durable and sturdy, so I think it will last me a long time, and I was quite impressed with the detailing on each different flower in the mould as well. There are four different flowers to choose from, so you can have fun making up lots of different arrangements.

Why Not Try Using Embossing Powder?
It took me a few goes just to get used to the technique of folding the material away from the sides, but this is a tool anyone can have a go at using, with good results.

My tip would be to check the amount of Premo/Fimo you use. A little will go a long way in moulds this size, but you don't want to make the flowers too thin, as I discovered, when one of mine bubbled and boiled into a heap of mess when I baked it. If you have a little bit of depth to the flower you can make the most of the 3D effect, and ensure easy baking.

It's best to make up a batch of flowers before you head to the oven, and then you need to be on red alert. The Premo packet suggested putting the oven at a temperature of 130c for 30 minutes, but these flowers are very small, and my oven can get hot. So I tried 120c and kept a close watch. They were ready in 4-5 minutes. I've put a picture of the results below.

The Results!
My silicone mould retailed at £7.99, and while at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money, I don't regret it. If you can get a good quality result, from something you are likely to use again and again, I think it's worth investing in.

You can find out more about Katy Sue Designs, and their products here. Don't forget though, if you want to do both food and clay work, buy separate moulds for each.

Have you tried any silicone moulds for your craft projects? or found any gadgets that you just can't live without? leave a comment below and let everyone know.


  1. Just found this after your comment on our Facebook page. We're so happy you are getting great results from our flower mould. We would love to see what you did with them.

  2. There will probably be a follow-up making post when I have enough to photograph. Currently making gift tags with them.


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