Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cooking For One In A House Of Three

I am not a big foodie, but I do like to cook for the family sometimes, especially when I see a tasty recipe I can take elements from, or adapt to suit my sometimes picky food tastes (I hate onion), but cooking for myself if my parents are out is a different matter.

You'd think it would be easier cooking for one than three right? not always the case, and one of the reasons I think is a lack of motivation. When I am cooking for myself, for some reason, I can never think of any ideas, and it takes me a lot longer to make my dinner.

I'm not a big ready meal fan either, I just don't like some of the ideas, and a roast in the microwave just isn't going to cut it! Apart from the very rare chicken curry, (one thing that does make the grade), I would rather cook something for myself.

So apart from my lack of motivation, and ready meal apathy, what else is wrong? Well, my failure to ever be able to cook a decent egg of any description doesn't help! I'm always a bit worried it won't be cooked enough, and therefore end up with rubbery scrambled egg, or a fried egg with a rock solid centre! I'm sure I could think of a few other fails as well, but that's a whole other post!

I also live in a house of three, so the weekly shopping is for three, which means there are some things that just wont fit into a meal for one, such as joints of meat, and some things that have already been earmarked for family meals.

So what do I fall back on? Sometimes I go for fish and chips, more often than not I opt for a plate of pasta or rice, with tuna or ham, or sometimes something a bit more random like lamb chops, or chicken cordon bleu. I'm never going to starve (there's always potato waffles in the freezer), but I do miss out on a decent dessert though. I follow a cake recipe and end up with something mouse size!

Some might read this and think its just lack of practice, others may think, why don't you go to the shops and buy something if you're stuck. Either or both could be true, but it's still a challenge at times to cook for one.

I can content myself with two things though. Firstly my 'family meals' have gone down really well so far, secondly, I can still cook a lot better than my Dad!

Keep your eyes on the blog for more baking, food, and some perfect snacks for a night in!

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