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Birthday Present Card Project

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I've been meaning to post some more papercraft projects and ideas on my blog for a while now, but I couldn't decide what to do or write about. I recently bought some gift tags from Doodle Bugs Handmade at a small business & craft market where I live, and I thought whatever use I have for them would be a good blog. For some reason, I've always struggled a bit using gift tags in the past, and I'm not quite sure why. I just end up laying them out in so many different positions and am never happy with how they look.

With this project, I decided to make a card to look like a birthday present, with a tag and bow as if you are looking at something wrapped up. It's quite a simple idea, but I love the end result, and the easier use of a gift tag - no procrastinating with this card! I'll put the instructions below so you can try it out for yourself. I'm already planning on trying it out again, this time for Christmas, maybe even creating my own wrapping paper design instead of just using craft papers from my stash - watch this space!

You Will Need:

A square card blank and envelope

Jute twine

Patterned paper

Tacky Glue

A small gift tag (many topper sets have these or you could make your own)  

Clear drying glue or varnish 

To Make The Card:

- Cut a piece of patterned paper the same size as your card blank, then turn it pattern side down. Fold over each of the sides a small way so you'll be left with a white border (as pictured) when you stick the paper down on the card blank.

- Once you've stuck your paper down cut 6 pieces of twine of equal length to make part of the present's bow. Carefully put tacky glue on one side of each piece of string then leave it to go tacky for a minute or two and then fix it onto the card. 3 pieces across, and three pieces down will form part of the bow. Don't worry if you get any spread of glue when you press the string down, that will be covered up in the next steps. 

- Next use a bow maker, or even a fork to make a small bow out of twine to fix onto the top of your present. 

- Grab some clear drying glue, varnish, or in my case clear nail varnish and paint over the patterned paper. This will cover up any glue residue, but will also give it a bit of shine and texture, just like real wrapping paper.

- The final step is to decorate your present with a few embellishments. Keep it simple so the card still looks like a present, and isn't overpowered. I went for a sentiment gift tag and a little topper from a decoupage set that matches the paper. 

It's a fairly simple project to make, but can be themed and personalised in so many different ways. I also enjoyed that there were a few different tasks to this project, so while simple, it wasn't just fixed on the card and done. I am not a fan of makes that are that quick, as it's great to lose yourself in a make and switch off for a while. 

I hope you all enjoyed this project idea, and if you give it a go yourself, do tag me in your creations, I'd love to see them. I am @createdinessex (art and craft) and @thesecitydays (main) on Instagram. I am trying to write a host of fun blog content for the summer, so do keep reading, the support is very much appreciated.  


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