Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Garden Wildlife

I was sitting in the living room yesterday, checking the TV guide for something to watch when I suddenly shot up on to the chair and let out a little yelp. I think mum despairs sometimes thinking I am a wimp, but I really don't like being surprised by big, quick moving spiders, nor do I want them anywhere near me. Tiny ones wouldn't bother me, but last nights one was another matter. Luckily Dad got rid of it, but it's the season! hopefully the rest stay hidden.

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Luckily not everything visible is eight legged. I love where we live for the variety of wildlife we've had in our garden. Over the year's we've lived here I've spotted a deer in broad daylight, seen or heard owls, and even had an owl fall down our chimney in the early hours of the morning. My favourite was our hedgehog that got all cosy and had a family of mini hedgehogs in our half empty compost bag, so cute! Least favourite has to be the sight of a sparrow hawk (which scared some of our birds etc off) killing and tearing apart some dinner.

Things were quiet in the garden for a while, and we've blocked some holes up so my furry friend Wilson the dog can't escape, but as I sit and type this I can hear some bird song. I'm also pretty chuffed that I managed to photograph our resident Robin who has been flitting around recently. Have never seen one when I had a camera prepared but this time managed to get really close and snap a few photo's. The weather was lovely as well so there was something relaxing sitting outside watching our favourite tweeter.

Copyright These City Days 2014
I've added a few pics to this post so you can meet him for yourself. I wonder if he'll have any friends come and join him soon. What have you spotted and pictured in your gardens? have any of you been lucky enough to use night vision cameras to see what's out there at night? Would love to know below if you've got any stories to tell.

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