Thursday, 21 November 2013

Scottish Fine Soaps Christmas Collection

Some of the goodies I reviewed
I have a festive treat for you today blog readers, but first off, thank you all for coming along and reading/commenting on my blog since June, and for getting all festive along with me now. I've always been fascinated seeing old pictures of my town, and realising the how long some of the companies have been around. That's one thing that appealed to me with Scottish Fine Soaps, as they've been around since 1974 - imagine how many soaps they have made in that time. I'm also passionate about small business and independent retailers, so one of the things I wanted to do on the blog, was showcase that. So here I am, having just tried and tested the Scottish Fine Soaps Christmas collection. The attractively packaged gifts I had to test are-

Spiced Apple Soap In A Tin - £4.96

Spiced Apple Little Bear Soap - £4.75

Gingerbread Luxurious Essentials Drum - £9.95

The problem I have with xmas scented products is they are either way too over powering, or just seem a bit rubbery/synthetic. I was intrigued by this collection, partly because of the packaging, and partly because they offered something different to the highly spiced concoctions I normally see in the shops.

Before I even opened the spiced apple soap I was in love with the scent - it smells gorgeous and very well balanced for a festive soap. I have used the soap in a tin quite a few times since (the teddy bear looks too pretty to open), and it lathers up well, with the scent of spiced apple lingering for a while on my skin.

I'd definitely buy the spiced apple products again though I was a little disappointed with my gingerbread collection. I've tried out the soap, body butter, and hand and nail cream so far and at first had trouble detecting any scent of gingerbread at all. After a few uses I did pick up more of the gingerbread scent, but it is very subtle and I was expecting a bit more. I recently made some Christmas Gingerbread Cupcakes - with different spices, orange juice and other ingredients in, which made me think of the bath and body products I'd tried out. I think they need just a little something extra, but my skin has no complaints from using all the products so far. Just what I need now the weather has gone a bit pear-shaped!

Scottish Fine Soaps, didn't quite win on all counts, but they have converted me to the cause, and just in case any of my friends and family were hoping to get my spiced apple bear soap for Christmas - it's mine, all mine!

You can purchase the Scottish Fine Soaps Christmas Collection here, or keep updated on their products on Twitter.

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  1. Oh my goodness what a treat these are. thankyou so much for this post, love lockedinabow x