Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Clearly Besotted Make A Splash Dolphin Stamps - Projects And Review

Clearly Besotted are fast becoming my new stamp company of choice, month after month they release teasers of their stamp sets to tempt me, and they are all so inventive, and so cute, it's been hard not to buy each time. But while I can't purchase each month I do have a few sets now and have been impressed on every score. The designs are really cute and usable in several different ways, the quality is there, and I love their little customer service touches. Each stamp set has arrived in a colourful pink bag, with an invoice and a little handwritten thank you on it. It's those touches that really go a long way to making you trust a brand, and feeling like you are getting value for money because although they are reused over and over, some stamp sets are not cheap.

At the time of writing this Dolphin-themed 'Make A Splash' stamp set is still available on the website for £2.48. I chose this one because Dolphins are one of my favourite animals, but I also liked how they were drawn in different positions for scene building. The little sentiments and stamps to create splashes were a nice touch as well.

I've posted below a couple of cards I made using the stamps, Sticker Kitten sequin set (very pretty colours, and stuck to card surprisingly well using tacky glue), and some stash items. On the second card, I even Googled a few images and added a few quick sea-themed cut-outs which was a lot of fun to do. 

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