Sunday, 28 February 2016

Beauty Review - Scottish Fine Soaps - Larch And Lavender Body Butter

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a frosty winter day (it looks lovely out the window here, and miles better than gloomy wind and rain). The blog has been a little quiet of late, that's what comes from moving house just before Christmas, then catching up with everything!! I thought I'd share some beauty with you today in the form of Scottish Fine Soaps Larch and Lavender Body Butter.

I was kindly sent this to try out before Christmas, and first impressions were good. It comes in a 200ml jar and I really liked the branding, although it might help my favourite colour is purple. The box and jar has simple and clear wording on, with a simple graphic to reflect the ingredients of the product - I think it would stand out to me on a shelf, especially with the purple accents on the packaging.

The ingredients I was a little sceptical about though, I am a big fan of the relaxing properties and scent of lavender, but I wasn't sure about combining it with larch, and the fact that the box promises 'uplifting scents of Scottish Woodland in Spring', would I want to use something smelling of Woodland? Actually yes I would! Just like the other Scottish Fine Soaps products I've tried the scent is there and lingers - but it's not overpowering at all, or plastic/artificial smelling.

Scottish Fine Soaps Review Item
Although it doesn't say on the packaging it seems as if the body butter has been whipped, as it has a slight mousse texture to it. It's not too thick and goes on nicely without any greasy after effect. I've also used it several times just on my hands as they were feeling dry and although it's too early to tell if it will have a lasting effect, they do feel smoother.

I did go through a period where I had a lot of beauty products - body butters, hand cream etc. as presents and just didn't use them that often - I'm not always the best at keeping up with routines - but so far I'm pleased with this product and would consider buying it again, although I think this jar is going to last me a long time yet, so it might be a while before I am in the market for a new body butter!!

Here's the product link if anyone would like to check it out for themselves - a 200ml jar currently retails at £11.50. Do let me know if you've tried any of their other products before, would be good to know what else you've rated.

Thanks for reading and have a good day everyone.

* This product was gifted to me for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.

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