Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Up's And Downs Of Moving Home

Last year we had an absolutely grim winter of bugs and illness, to the point it got pretty frustrating, ridiculous, and killed off a lot of xmas spirit - this year we've done well on the avoidance front so far (touch wood), but we have had something bigger to contend with - moving home..!

To me a house isn't just a pile of bricks, it's a home, so leaving our 'forever home' after 29 years was always going to be a wrench. I loved our house, road, and area - which is pretty unique and not too crowded as it was in a conservation area - it was also private, un-overlooked, and one of the big pluses - it was convenient for pretty much everything - I had the option of walking or cycling to town, supermarkets, retail parks, the local shop etc. really easily - which meant I could easily fit in shopping trips between work, and had a easy, safe route home at night.

So yep I didn't want to leave - of course being settled and loving where I was, was a big part of it - as I suffer from anxiety and agoraphobia, and we'd had all the hassle with selling the house - I was reluctant in that respect as well. Add to that having nothing at the time to replace it with - we are currently renting - and it was pretty unsettling.

Leaving was horrible - I still do my spare time job round there as well, so I have seen evidence of our buyers rip our house apart. I think I will always miss it, but of course where you live influences what you like and dislike, and your choices as well - so it wasn't just being settled and all the moving stress - it was wanting to stay in what I consider to be the nicest, most convenient part of town.

Since then we've moved into a rental, and that time has gone pretty quickly - the rental isn't in as good a location as our old house, but there's some nice walks about, it's surprisingly quiet, and so far we've not really had any major issues with the house - just a longer than expected process to rent in the first place.

Next-up we will be moving to a brand new house - I think there's quite a lot still to be done before we get the keys - it's a similar distance from things than our rental is, but feels further out in the sticks - and is part of a big building project - so there's not much out there, no conveniences such as local shops for 18 months, and it's near current and future building sites. So not a walking distance from town which we always wanted. At the moment we can't plan a thing as we've no real idea yet when the house will be finished - got to say after a good few years of all this hanging around, I'm pretty tired of moving related at home with parents you don't get a choice, but it's hard not to have an opinion....and after all this - I still would never have moved.

Here's to finally being settled in 2016 - hopefully it will be a smooth ride.

* Photo's are shots taken in our old garden/road.

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