Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Got to say I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the 'in-limbo' period between Christmas and New year. I love that it's not all over and I still have some time to chill out and switch off, but I hate the fact that it will soon be all over, I have normal things to do, and there's just a bit of an anti climax. This feeling is probably magnified this year because it's been a different and not entirely great Christmas.

The run-up to the big day was full of various of us trying to shake off the last of a period of bugs and colds, and a few of us were not really in the mood for normal shopping and xmas prep. First time in a long time that I've had 2 silly long trips to town at a weekend to finish my shopping, and Mum opted for shop bought pudding and mince pies.

Christmas Day itself is normally a drawn out handing out of presents, food, a bit of TV and these days, playing with my nephew. My sister alternates who she visits on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and at what time - with my nephew and her dog Wilson, but they all arrived at ours with the news that my nephew wasn't well. I won't go into details but it put quite a dampener on Christmas and ruined it a bit for my sister who was really looking forward to him being much more aware of the day at 2 years old. He slept a lot, wasn't himself at all and mostly wanted his Daddy.

After putting the world to rights over toast and a hot drink Boxing Day morning Nan left, and that was it really, Xmas over. Not the best Christmas on record, although I did get some rest and time to myself from all the mayhem, and Santa was very kind with his gifts.

I am currently enjoying my new shiny CD player after my old one died, Take That's album, a Mr Selfridge DVD and Book, smellies, some needle felting kits which will keep me really busy, and a super cute writing set and notebook. Feel blessed and love all my gifts so thank you to my friends and family.

I also had a bit of luck before Christmas and won on the Premium Bonds, and won a hamper of Children's Books from a Twitter competition. They arrived super quick before Christmas and had some books in there my nephew will love, and a few I'll probably read as well!!!

Sorry for this post being a bit devoid of bright and colourful festive photo's but we didn't really have anything to take pictures off.

Here's to a happier, healthier, lucky New Year. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the festive break and have a great 2015. Would love to hear about your xmas, so please come and say hello and share your festive posts.

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