Saturday, 4 October 2014

Summer 2014

Ahh Summer, the time when everyone was posting holiday snaps, planning concert trips or day visits to places, it seemed like everyone had some kind of plan, apart from me. I've not been out a whole lot this year to 'things', in fact I've only been to the Fling Festival. Bit unusual for me, but local nightlife/events can sometimes get a bit samey or predictable and I've just not had the motivation, and going elsewhere day or night is a bit restrictive with money issues/anxiety.

This isn't a woe is me post though, because apart from some things, which I will nickname stresses and strains, I've been perfectly happy enjoying the weather (yes actual Summer weather, yay!), our garden, my nephew, and a few little and lucky windfalls that have enabled me to treat myself.

At the park with little man

Part of the garden I've been tackling/tidying

My birthday in June was probably one of my favourite days, no stress, no fuss, was a lucky girl with lovely pressies, and I did some work in the morning, then sat out in a hot and sunny garden all afternoon, relaxed, switched off and doing nothing!

The garden has been a surprisingly enjoyable task as well. I used to mow the lawns and take on some other tasks when my Dad was working, but he does quite a bit of that, and mums the plant pruner, so I've just had small jobs, for some reason a while ago though I decided I was going to attack weeding with a vengeance, unusual since normally I hate weeding, but I've found it very satisfying. It's surprising how absorbing it can be, and gradually working my way around the garden I've seen a big difference. We didn't live in a jungle before, but we have had an ivy problem, and some areas were neglected. Might seem a bit boring to some but I've enjoyed it.

We have my nephew here 2 days a week while my sister and her boyfriend are working, and it's great fun. Working from home means I get to play with him when he arrives in the morning, and my work schedule works out quite well, so I've had some nephew time later in the day too. We've grown some lettuce, watered the plants, tidied up some of the garden, been to the local parks a few times, played football, and we are just getting into drawing some pictures. Joey is 2 soon, and I think he has always been entertaining, but I wish he could stay this age for longer. Auntie Lauren always gets a big smile and a cuddle when Joey comes over, and as he loves lego and puzzles I've got someone to play games with too.

Added to that being able to replace my glitchy Samsung phone, treat myself to a pair of super comfy croc sandals and get the chance to wear them, along with buying a Superdry coat for colder weather (never been able to afford one before) this Summer really hasn't been too bad at all. I wouldn't wish the nice weather away either so long may it continue!

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