Monday, 18 August 2014

How To Transform A Plain Gift Bag

Not sure why, but somewhere along the line we ended up as a gift bag family. More for birthdays and Mother/Father's Day than anything else, but our presents are wrapped and given in gift bags. Got to be honest though some of the offerings in the shops are pretty expensive for just a bag, while others are just too plain, which is why I was quite excited to receive a pack of plain white gift bags in my pack of crafty goodness from Baker Ross.

If you saw my post around June when I was creating a bag for Mum's birthday you'll know it normally takes me quite a while to think up ideas with a totally blank canvas in front of me, but this one didn't take too long. For this bag I used

Baker Ross Ribbon
Glitter Glue
A few stickers and a flower topper from my stash
A Hunkydory vintage/cute postcard topper (free with a recent order)

I started with the handles this time as I knew I wanted something really colourful and striking, but not too much for a bag; so why not focus on the handles for a change? I have been impressed with my Baker Ross Ribbon since it arrived for the range of colours, and lengths of each plain ribbon so I decided to ribbon up the handles rag wreath style with a few different colours. I'm really pleased with the effect although it does take up a bit more ribbon than expected! A gift for someone who'd appreciate and not bin it I think, and if I did it again I could space the ribbon out a bit more, or maybe add some simple details in between so I don't use up quite so much.

When the handles were done I decided perhaps foolishly to light some matches to seal the ribbon ends to stop them fraying. Personal choice but I think it looks a lot better, although it takes ages. The rest was quite easy, as I wasn't feeling too artistic I filled the space with a few toppers and then painted some glitter glue as a border around the outside. I think this gave just the effect I wanted, and is pretty cost effective if you don't want to spend too much transforming a bag.

I've still got a few bags left, and although smaller in size, I can still fit a good few things in them, so may well be decorating for Autumn birthdays or Christmas. Always love to hear from you if you have any feedback or crafty tales to share, just comment below, in the meantime I better get back to a tea light holder I am trying to paint.

*I was gifted the bags and ribbon from Baker Ross as a member of their blogger network but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. They look great , I intend to decorate a few myself for Xmas gifts x