Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Claudio Desideri - The Strangest - Music Review

I was looking for a work sample the other week and came across some of the music reviews I have had published in the past. So many different artists, and music ranging from indie rock to pure pop music. Ambient, ethereal music is not something I've come across much as a reviewer though, so I decided to challenge myself and review Claudio Desideri's first solo release 'The Strangest'.
Claudio has a background that includes tribute bands, and the new wave punk of Zephiro (worth checking out their very creatively shot music videos), and currently does beautiful things with his voice singing in a Queen tribute. That's quite a mixing pot of styles, and indicates a varied ability and musical taste, but no clues as to what a solo release would be like.

'The Strangest' is ambient and ethereal at it's core, with various effects employed to add to the atmosphere, tension running through the lyrics, and visuals in the music video. There's a quite quirky disco instrumental part, which on first listen didn't seem to quite fit with the song, but makes much more sense when you watch the video.

The repeated lyrics of "oooh ahhh, and if you wanna sing" have been stuck in my head since first listen, and overall the song is growing on me.

The effort is clear in the accompanying music video (I wouldn't know where to start with something like that) with some well chosen shots, and sharp movements to convey the message in the lyrics. There's enough to grab your attention early on, and keep it until the end. Sometimes it seemed to move a tiny bit too quick between shots, and the gestures could have been more relaxed, but these are tiny things that I'm sure I won't even notice in the next video.

Sometimes you come across singers, songwriters, and musicians that capture your interest, and give you ideas of things you could imagine them writing, singing, and being great at. Claudio is definitely one of those. While this song was more of a grower, and lacked some of the energy and emotion I've heard in his cover versions, the potential is definitely there, and I look forward to hearing what comes next.

Download 'The Strangest' on all the usual download platforms now.
Check out future song teasers and more on Claudio's Instagram.

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